Sin­ce 2020 I use a Nord (EU ver­si­on) as my dai­ly dri­ver. I’ve never put Lineage (#wha­te­ver) on it, for reasons … But I’ve roo­ted it with Magisk, use Nova, a fire­wall (AFWall+), an ad-blo­cker (AdA­way), … – I’d say it’s very good cus­to­mi­sed. Upgrading Oxy­ge­nOS by the OTA and always patching the new ver­si­on after instal­la­ti­on by Magisk befo­re the reboot work­ed very well.

Until today …
I saw the noti­fi­ca­ti­on for a new OOS ver­si­on and touch­ed the but­ton, as alway. But this time my Nord straight went black and reboo­ted. After start­ing up neither AFWall+, nor AdA­way came up and the (still instal­led) Magisk app say­ed: #nope I’m not instal­led (any­mo­re).

Long sto­ry short: I lost root (by Magisk) on my Nord after upgrading (wit­hout patching the new instal­led image/version with Magisk befo­re the reboot) to Oxy­ge­nOS ver­si­on AC2003_11.F.13.

Here is my quick fix (after rese­ar­ching a lot about the who­le stuff, like every time ;-)) for you and also as my notebook.

The ori­gi­nal gui­de from XDA ‘How to root the One­Plus Nord with Magisk’ is very good and clean. #thanks! It also appli­es to this cur­rent situa­ti­on. You can skip the first part ‘Pre­pa­ring your One­Plus Nord’ becau­se all this steps are still done, from your pre-upgrade process.

Start­ing at the second part ‘Roo­ting your One­Plus Nord‘ you can skip some steps or parts of them. I think steps 2 (2.1 you can skip) and 3 are essen­ti­al. But plea­se read all the stuff and under­stand what you are doing.
For the link to the cur­rent boot image (EU ver­si­on) at 2.2 I found one at XDA: thanks a lot @TheSSJ for his fast rep­ly and work. #usa­ved­my­day! (And may­be this link will also end in the offi­ci­al list of repos of OOS builds …)

Fol­lo­wing the rest of the steps left me with a re-roo­ted Nord. 🙂

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<Cadey> There was an A/V glitch with the recording, my slides were intended to be black and white, but they somehow came out as purple and green. This couldn't be fixed even when trying several HDMI cables. If this becomes an issue I may re-record this talk in my home studio.

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